Savvy Ingrid Law

ISBN: 9780329756529

Published: March 23rd 2010

Library Binding

368 pages


Savvy  by  Ingrid Law

Savvy by Ingrid Law
March 23rd 2010 | Library Binding | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 368 pages | ISBN: 9780329756529 | 9.14 Mb

The book Savvy by Ingrid Law is a fantastic fantasy novel.Its about a girl named Mibs who is turning thirteen, and in her family, turning into a teenager means that she will receive her special ability called a Savvy. Its a great novel filled with a bunch of fun adventures.In the book Savvy Mibs lives between Nebraska and Kansas, she is no ordinary girl.

In her family at the age of thirteen everybody gets their Savvy. On her older brothers thirteenth birthday his savvy was to control electricity, and her other brother named Fish, is able to control the weather. Everybody in her family seems to have a Savvy except her dad, but her thirteenth birthday is coming soon and she is very excited about her Savvy.

What will Mibss Savvy be? Will she be strong enough?Ingrid Law is mind blowing! Shes a great storyteller. Her characters are very delightful and Interesting. Ingrid Law handled this story perfectly,there were so many twists in this story and great imagery.I could NOT put this books down, it was mesmerizing .

In the end this book left you wanting more! The message of this book is, dont be in a hurry to grow up.I agree with this because, us as young students cant wait to get out of school, but we should stop trying to grow so fast and enjoy being young. We should just enjoy the little fun things before we have to grow up get jobs and pay bills, thats no fun!In conclusion this book really interested me, and raised multiple questions in my mind, such as What would my Savvy be?

and Would my Savvy be life changing? I would really recommend this book to elementary students and above. This book will change your perspective on how you view life as a young child, and maybe youll end up having a great journey along the way.

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