On The Road Again (First Love from Silhouette, #152) Miriam Morton

ISBN: 9780373061525

Published: July 1st 1985


154 pages


On The Road Again (First Love from Silhouette, #152)  by  Miriam Morton

On The Road Again (First Love from Silhouette, #152) by Miriam Morton
July 1st 1985 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 154 pages | ISBN: 9780373061525 | 4.40 Mb

There is something so fun in picking up an 80s teen romance novel at 38 and reading it, it really brings you back to that sweetness, that feeling, not to mention the cheeky references in the books that really make you miss the 80s.FLFS books had the greatest, cheesiest covers. Unlike the Sweet Dreams series, Silhouette put the guys on the covers too, and they never matched the looks of the people inside although they usually held props or were in settings that were mentioned in the book.

Dalt and Galen on the front, he holding a guitar (and it was obvious this dude didnt play), and lordy, he looks like Dennis Quaid. Now. I swear, thats the oldest looking teenager Ive ever seen, especially next to the girl, who looks 10 in contrast. In the book, Dalt had curly hair (cover model has straight) and Galen has shoulder length layered black hair (cover model has long, light brown hair) and they are just laughing and having a great time. I would love to find these models and find out how they got that job and what they are doing today. Would be a great blog.Anyway, the book. You can read these in an hour or two and they are very sweet, usually all the same, with the girl nemesis (came and went in a few pages, an old girlfriend of one of the guys in the band) and the bad guy and the sweet boy she falls in love with.

The settings are different, but usually they are together by the end, which was fun.One thing I do love is some of these expressions. I was 13 in 1985, the year the book was published, and once Dalt said that and seventy five cents will buy you a cup of coffee. No one ever used that expression that I can remember, except my Mom. So reading these books every now and then, mindless and fun reading to take you back to the good old days, is a lot of fun.

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